• For the first time in DC Comics’ history, Batman – the world’s most popular DC Super Hero – is now an all-­‐ new, live-­‐action arena adventure, which is taking the world by storm.
  • BATMAN LIVE – World Arena Tour is a 15 million dollar stage production with an engrossing and original story featuring a cast of 42 actors and circus trained acrobats, a 3D Gotham City landscape, a symphonic score recorded by a 92-­‐piece symphony orchestra, custom-­‐built and state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art stage, a 100-­‐foot bat-­‐ shaped LED video wall, big flight sequences, illusions, pyrotechnics and the impressive Batmobile, designed especially for the show by legendary racing car designer Professor Gordon Murray.
  • Faithfully adapted from the DC Comics’ characters and stories, BATMAN LIVE brings the entire world of Batman, his trusty counterpart Robin, tireless butler Alfred and a host of other favorite Batman characters – as well as everyone’s favorite villains such as The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and The Penguin are completely brought to life on stage. The action takes place in several settings from the famed stories, including Gotham City, Wayne Manor, the Batcave, and Arkham Asylum.

What age and interest is appropriate for this show?

  • BATMAN LIVE is a totally unique experience – a completely new way to experience the world of Batman.
  • For those who are less familiar with Batman, this is the ideal introduction to these characters.
  • This is not a musical but a live show with a thrilling and engrossing Batman story, filled with action and spectacle that appeals to adults, teenagers, kids and families. The show has been carefully written and produced for the entire family to enjoy from age 5 to 105!
  • Some children may be momentarily taken by surprise at the special effects and the sounds but the show promises to entertain and amaze like no other.

How long is the show?

  • BATMAN LIVE is two hours and twenty minutes in duration, which includes the twenty-­‐minute intermission.

When will the show play in my town?

  • We are on an ongoing tour of North America. For more details, please check our website – www.batmanlive.com – from time to time, and register for the newsletter (we will be the first to let you know about new dates as soon as we have them) -­‐-­‐ and watch your local newspaper for more details. You can also go to ‘purchase tickets’ to see our latest tour schedule.

Where is the best place to sit?

  • The view of the show is spectacular from anywhere in the arena – and the higher seats provide a panoramic view that allows the audience to take in the entire spectacle.
  • If you have concerns that the effects will be strong for children, we can suggest that it is sometimes better to choose seating that is further away. If you are a Fan and want to get as close to the action as possible you can request our Premium Gotham City Seats when purchasing tickets (subject to availability).

Can I have a backstage tour?

  • We get so many requests of this type that it is impossible to accommodate everyone. Every member of our audience is a special guest and we have created this show to give you an “in-­‐person” experience of seeing Batman, live for the first time.

What is available as a souvenir?

  • There is a link to merchandise on the website. There you will find a wide array of Batman-­‐themed items. There will also be a variety of merchandise available at each performance.

Do you allow cameras at the performance?

  • Yes, amateur still photography is allowed – but no flash or video, please. If you are a professional looking to photograph the show, please contact the venue in your town and ask for the publicist as most of our venues have strict restrictions and house rules regarding publicity that we need to follow.

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